Love Letter

We want to thank everyone who’s come and seen us or let us stay in their basements and floors and sometimes beds. The kindness of strangers is real and before RF I don’t think any of us thought it was. For over twenty years people took care of RF with barbeques and all night drinking sessions, hang over curing breakfasts, and cakes and sandwiches for the hungover drive to the next show. We got to see some of the great dive bars in America, had endless adventures and near misses, and because of luck we all got to travel overseas and see parts of the world we would have otherwise never seen. All along the way people were kind, people took care of us and helped us out, and people came to our shows. What great luck. So thank you. RF is on the back-burner that’s true, but I’ve convinced the guys to do the soundtrack to my new novel. So in one form or another we’ll continue, I hope, to put music out. Thanks again for the ride.   Willy and RF