1. Leaving Bev’s Miners Club At Dawn 01:34
  2. Wake Up Ray 03:38
  3. I Got Off The Bus 03:47
  4. Whitey And Me 05:23
  5. Let’s Hit One More Place 02:55
  6. I Can’t Black It Out If I Wake Up And Remember 05:12
  7. Don’t Skip Out On Me 04:07
  8. Two Friends Lost At Sea 04:34
  9. Three Brothers Roll Into Town 03:44
  10. Tapped Out In Tulsa 03:01
  11. The Blind Horse 02:13
  12. A Night In The City 05:29
  13. Easy Run 02:59

The Players

  • Dan Eccles: electric guitar, piano
  • Sean Oldham: percussion, vocals
  • Freddy Trujillo: bass, vocals
  • Willy Vlautin: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
  • John Askew: baritone guitar, electric guitar
  • Paul Brainard: pedal steel, trumpet
  • Jenny Conlee-Drizos: keyboards
  • Dave Harding: acoustic guitar

Released March 18, 2016

Recorded and mixed by John Morgan Askew
Assistant engineer: Tim Shrout
Recorded at Flora Recording and Playback, and Scenic Burrows
Mixed at Scenic Burrows
Produced by John Morgan Askew


  1. Inventory (A Confession at Arlene’s Paperback Exchange) 03:31
  2. The Girl on the Logging Road 01:46
  3. The Chainsaw Sea 04:23
  4. Let Me Dream of the High Country 02:13
  5. The Mechanic Falls in Love with the Girl 01:35
  6. The Mechanic’s Life (It Ain’t Always Wrong to Give Up and Run) 03:16
  7. Angus King Tries to Leave the House 03:16
  8. The Meeting on the Logging Road 01:44
  9. Claude Murray’s Breakdown 03:22
  10. The Eagles Lodge 03:13
  11. Driving Back to the Chainsaw Sea 01:22
  12. Lost in the Trees (Featured on KSAW Logging Radio) 03:36
  13. On a Spree 02:40
  14. I Can See a Room 02:48
  15. Deciding to Run 02:33
  16. The Escape 03:30
  17. Leaving 04:29

The Players

  • Dan Eccles: guitar
  • Dave Harding: bass, guitar, vocals
  • Sean Oldham: percussion, keyboards, guitar, vocals
  • Willy Vlautin: vocals, guitar
  • Deborah Kelly: vocals
  • Paul Brainard: pedal steel
  • Ralph Huntley: keyboards, accordion
  • Collin Oldham: cello, cellomobo
  • John Askew: keyboards, vocals, scenic sounds
  • Matt Moore: Claude Murray

Released September 05, 2011

Produced by John Askew / Recorded at Type Foundry and Scenic Burrows, Portland, Oregon / Mastered by Jeff Stuart Saltzman

All Songs Written by Richmond Fontaine All Songs BMI Winner’s Casino Music


We recorded our record release party for “Freeway” here at our local haunt Dante’s. We used Jackpot! Studio’s fancy mobile multi-track recording rig and mixed the best 70 minutes in the studio. As a result this is a great sounding live album.

  1. White Line Fever
  2. We Used to Think the Freeway Sounded Like a River
  3. Maybe We Were Both Born Blue
  4. 43
  5. Two Alone
  6. Lost in this World
  7. El Tiradito
  8. Ruby and Lou
  9. The Gits
  10. Lonnie
  11. Watch Out
  12. Contrails
  13. Four Walls
  14. Song for Dead Moon

The Players

  • Willy Vlautin: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars
  • Dan Eccles: Lead Guitar
  • Dave Harding: Bass,Vocals
  • Sean Oldham: Drums, Vocals
  • Ralph Huntley: Piano, Accordion

Released March 10, 2010

Recorded live by Jeremy Sherrer, Mixed by Kendra Lynn at Jackpot!, Mastered by Gus Elg

Design by Draplin Design Co.


  1. We Used to Think the Freeway Sounded Like a River
  2. Northwest
  3. You Can Move Back Here
  4. The Boyfriends
  5. The Pull
  6. Sitting Outside My Dad’s Old House
  7. Maybe We Were Both Born Blue
  8. Watch Out
  9. 43
  10. Lonnie
  11. Ruby and Lou
  12. Walking Back to Our Place at 3 a.m.
  13. Two Alone
  14. A Letter to the Patron Saint of Nurses

The Players

  • Willy Vlautin: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars
  • Dan Eccles: Lead Guitar
  • Dave Harding: Bass,Vocals
  • Sean Oldham: Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Keys, Radio Trowel
  • Ralph Huntley: Piano, Accordion
  • Paul Brainard: Pedal Steel, Trumpet
  • Collin Oldham: Cello, Cellomobo
  • Scott Hampton: Guitar
  • Kendra Lynn: Vocals
  • Micah Rabwin: Musical Saw
  • JD Foster: 12 String, Nashville guitar, Percussion

Released August 15, 2009

Produced by JD Foster, Engineered by Larry Crane at Jackpot! Studio, Mastered by JJ Golden.

Design by Draplin Design Co.


Willy Vlautin has produced his first spoken word CD. A Jockey’s Christmas is a dark comedy about JD, a misfit, overweight, alcoholic jockey whose career has dried up. The story chronicles his adventures on a journey home to Reno to spend the Christmas holiday with his family. A Jockey’s Christmas is told in Vlautin’s signature style—compassionate, spare, bleak, hilarious—and melds his two loves, music and letters.

Running 33 minutes, Vlautin’s narrative is accompanied by Paul Brainard’s (Richmond Fontaine) pedal steel and Vlautin’s acoustic guitar, as well as noted Portland musician Ralph Huntley on accordion. It plays like an old-time radio show, with music woven into the story. A Jockey’s Christmas is divided up into seven chapters and is followed by two race-themed bonus songs, each telling the story of the same race from two dramatically different perspectives.


  1. $87 and a Guilty Conscience that gets Worse the Longer I Go
  2. Song For James Welch
  3. Kid from Belmont Street gets Left on Colfax St. Denver, CO
  4. The Water Wars
  5. Moving Back Home #1
  6. The Gits
  7. Wilson Dunlap
  8. 43.50

Produced by JD Foster


  • Dave Harding: Bass
  • Sean Oldham: Drums and Percussion, Vocals
  • Dan Eccles: Guitar
  • Willy Vlautin: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals
  • Paul Brainard: Pedal Steel and Noise
  • Jacob Valenzuela: Trumpet
  • Howe Gelb: Piano

Cover artwork: Greg Allen

Design: Aaron James

All songs recorded at Wavelab Studios except Moving Back Home #1 recorded at Blue Room Studios, Portland, Oregon. Re-mixes done at Bungalow 9 by Mike Coykendall.

All songs by Richmond Fontaine Winner’s Casino Music BMI


  1. El Tiradito
  2. Becoming A Ghost I Became

Released November 13, 2007

Directed by Brad Beenders Produced by Mike McAfee

Brad Fels: Editor on Becoming A Ghost I Became Tim Gebauer: Post Audio Work on Becoming A Ghost I Became


  1. Intro/ The Border
  2. Moving Back Home #2
  3. $87 and a Guilty Conscience that Gets Worse the Longer I Go
  4. I Fell into Painting Houses in Phoenix, Arizona
  5. El Tiradito
  6. A Ghost I Became
  7. Westward Ho
  8. St. Ides, Parked Cars and Other People”s Homes
  9. The Kid from Belmont Street
  10. Capsized
  11. Ballad of Dan Fanta
  12. The Disappearance of Ray Norton
  13. Four Walls
  14. Lost in this World

Produced by J.D. Foster


  • Dan Eccles: Guitars
  • Sean Oldham: Drums
  • Dave Harding: Bass
  • Willy Vlautin: Guitar, Vocals
  • Paul Brainard: Steel, Trumpet
  • Joey Burns: Bass, Moog, Piano, Accordion
  • Jacob Valenzuela: Trumpet
  • Nick Luca: Guitar, Accordion, Organ, Piano
  • Craig Schumacher: Harmonica
  • Ralph Huntley: Piano, Accordion
  • Jill Coykendall: Clarinet
  • Mike Coykendall: Piano
  • Howe Gelb: Piano

Released July 7, 2007

All songs by Richmond Fontaine Winner’s Casino Music BMI


  1. Welhorn Yards
  2. Exit 194B
  3. Laramie, Wyoming
  4. Don’t Look and it Won’t Hurt
  5. Disappeared
  6. The Warehouse Life
  7. Black Road
  8. Barely Losing
  9. Through
  10. Hallway
  11. Montgomery Park
  12. Post to Wire
  13. Haven’t Got Forever
  14. Making it Back
  15. Always on the Ride
  16. The Janitor
  17. Casino Lights


  • Dan Eccles: Electric Guitar, Electric Bass
  • Dave Harding: Electric Bass, Electic Guitar, Vocals
  • Sean Oldham: Drums, Vocals
  • Willy Vlautin: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
  • Mike Coykendall: Keyboards, Tambourine, Vocals
  • Collin Oldham: Cello

Released 2006

Recorded by: Larry Crane and Kendra Wright with assistance from Rob Jones Mixed by: Larry Crane and RF at Jackpot! Recording Studio Portland OR


  1. Dayton, Ohio
  2. Harold’s Club
  3. Settle
  4. Give Me Time
  5. Collapse
  6. Song for Dead Moon
  7. Blinding Sight
  8. Kid Steps Out into the Road
  9. Trembling Leaves
  10. 1968
  11. Miles From
  12. Novocaine
  13. Evergreen
  14. Concussion
  15. Pink Turns to Blue
  16. Chinatown
  17. White Line Fever


  • Dave Harding: Bass, Vocals
  • Sean Oldham: Drum, Vocals
  • Dan Eccles: Guitars
  • Willy Vlautin: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Vocals
  • Paul Brainard: Pedal Steel, Dobro
  • Rich Landar: Keyboards
  • Mike Coykendall: Piano, Guitar

Released 2005

Recorded at: Blue Room Studios Engineered by: Mike Coykendall Mastered at: Freq Mastered by: Ryan Foster


  1. The Warehouse Life
  2. Welhorn Yards
  3. Black Road
  4. Incident at Conklin Creek
  5. Disappeared
  6. Casino Lights
  7. Exit 194B
  8. Laramie, Wyoming
  9. The Janitor
  10. Don’t Look and it Won’t Hurt
  11. Making it Back


  • Dave Harding: Electric and upright bass
  • Sean Oldham: Drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Willy Vlautin: Guitars, vocals
  • Paul Brainard: Guitar, piano on ‘Disappeared’
  • Mike Coykendall: Backing vocals, baritone guitar, harmonica
  • Liza Reitz: Violin, accordion
  • JD Foster: Keyboards

Release Date US: August 2005

Recorded at: Jackpot Studios, Portland, OR

Produced by: JD Foster Engineered by: Mike Coykendall Mastered by: Jeff Stuart Saltzman


  1. The Longer you Wait
  2. Barely Losing
  3. Montgomery Park
  4. ( Walter’s on the Lam)
  5. Through
  6. ( Postcard from California)
  7. Two Broken Hearts
  8. Hallway
  9. ( Postcard Written with a Broken Hand )
  10. Post to Wire
  11. Polaroid
  12. Always on the Ride
  13. ( Postcard Postmarked Phoenix, AZ)
  14. Allison Johnson
  15. Willamette
  16. Valediction

2003 Winners Casino Music, BMI


  • Dave Harding: Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Vocals
  • Sean Oldham: Drums, Percussion, Vibes, Vocals
  • Paul Brainard: Pedal Steel, Piano, Vibes, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
  • Willy Vlautin: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Released July 7, 2003

Recorded At: Jackpot Studios, Portland, OR Engineered By: Larry Crane Produced By: JD Foster Mastered By: Jeff Saltzman


  1. Winner’s Casino
  2. Out of State
  3. Northline
  4. Santiam
  5. Twyla
  6. Patty’s Retreat
  7. Glisan Street
  8. Somewhere Near
  9. Five Degrees Below Zero
  10. Western Skyline

2002 Winners Casino Music, BMI Players:

  • Paul Brainard: Pedal Steel, Electric Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin
  • Dave Harding: Electric and Upright Bass
  • Sean Oldham: Drums
  • Willy Vlautin: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals

Released July 7, 2002

Recorded By: Joanna Bolme, John Askew, Luther Russell and Larry Crane at Type Foundry Studios and Jackpot! Studios


Collection of whiskey soaked warts and all live recordings from turn of the millennium Fontaine. Compiled by Uncle Jeff Holland

Album download also includes live versions of: 1968, El Cortez, Lost Son, Pinkerton, Concussion, Trembling Leaves, Contrails, Harold’s Club and a few secret covers???

Released July 7, 2001

The Players

  • Willy Vlautin- Guitar, Vocals
  • Dave Harding- Bass, Vocals
  • Paul Brainard- Pedal Steel, Guitar, Vocals
  • Sean Oldham- Drums

Produced by Jeff Holland


  1. Savior of Time
  2. Ft. Lewis
  3. Cascade
  4. Mule
  5. Contrails
  6. Fifteen Year Old Kid in Nogales, Mexico
  7. Pinkerton
  8. A Girl in a House in Felony Flats
  9. Muddy Conscience
  10. Four Hours Out
  11. Hope and Repair
  12. Lost Son*
  13. Hardly Seen*
  14. El Cortez*

* Only on 2004 UK Re-master

Released 1999 and 2004


  • Paul Brainard: Pedal Steel, Mandolin, Backing Vocals
  • Dave Harding: Bass
  • Joe Davis: Drums
  • Willy Vlautin: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals
  • Mike Walker: Piano/B3 on Contrails
  • Jimi Bott: Drums on Felony Flats
  • Luther Russell: Feedback, Piano, Backing Vocals, Percussion & Counseling

Engineered and Recorded By: Larry Crane and Joanna Bolme at Jackpot! Studios, Portland, Oregon Produced by Luther Russell


  1. Trembling Leaves
  2. Give Me Time
  3. Miles From
  4. Evergreen Power Lines
  5. McDermitt
  6. Grandview
  7. Collapse
  8. Calm
  9. Blinding Sight
  10. White Out
  11. Under Florescent Lights
  12. Concussion

Release Date: October 1997 Players:

  • Dave Harding: Bass
  • Stuart Gaston: Drums
  • Willy Vlautin: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals
  • Paul Brainard: Pedal Steel
  • Mike Spritzer: Piano
  • Marilee Hord: Fiddle

Produced By: Larry Crane and Richmond Fontaine


  1. Dayton, Oh
  2. Harold’s Club
  3. Settle
  4. Safety
  5. Riverhouse
  6. White Line Fever
  7. Novocaine
  8. Whirlpool
  9. 1968
  10. Kid Steps Out Into the Road
  11. Wagonwheel Motel
  12. Watsonville Waltz

Release Date: September 1996


  • Dave Harding: Bass
  • Stuart Gaston: Drums
  • Willy Vlautin: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals

Guest Musicians:

  • Kevin Richey: Banjo
  • Mike Danner: Piano
  • Neil Gilpin: Pedal Steel

Engineered and Recorded By:
Karl Brummers at Anonymous Noise, Portland, Oregon


A 7″ vinyl single. These are from a run of 1000 made in 1997. Out of Print. Sold Out.