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Headkandy is a beauty company that offers a wide range of hair care products, including shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment, and styling products. While Headkandy does not have its own line of haircare products, it does offer a variety of different headbands and hair accessories to help you achieve the perfect look.

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Best Headkandy


Is Head Kandy Safe on Color-Treated Hair?

If you’re wondering whether Head Kandy is safe to use on color-treated hair, the answer is yes! Head Kandy is a professional-grade flat iron that uses advanced ionic ceramic technology to help seal in color and prevent fading. Plus, the floating plates are infused with Argan oil to nourish and protect your hair from heat damage.

So go ahead and style your colored hair with confidence – Head Kandy has got you covered!

Who is the Owner of Head Kandy?

Head Kandy is a beauty company that was founded by sisters Katie and Laura Jackson. The company specializes in hair care products, specifically hair straighteners and curling irons. Head Kandy’s mission is to provide women with high-quality hair tools that are easy to use and give them the best results possible.

Katie and Laura started the company after they both had trouble finding good hair straighteners that didn’t damage their hair. They decided to create their own line of products that would be gentle on the hair but still give women the straight, sleek look they desired. Head Kandy has become a popular brand among beauty bloggers and YouTube gurus, who rave about its effectiveness and affordable prices.

The company has also been featured in magazines such as Allure and Cosmopolitan. If you’re looking for a new hair straightener or curling iron, definitely check out Head Kandy!

Where is Head Kandy Located?

Head Kandy is located in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in 2014 by two friends, Amanda Rettke and Laura Gerber. Head Kandy is a hair extension company that sells 100% human Remy hair extensions.

The company offers a variety of different colors, lengths, and styles of hair extensions, as well as a line of clip-in bangs.

How Do I Contact Head Kandy?

There are a few ways to contact Head Kandy. You can reach out to them through their website, by email or by phone. Their website has a contact form that you can fill out and submit.

Someone from their team will then get back to you as soon as possible. Their email address is Lastly, you can give them a call at 1-888-908-1888.

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Is Head Kandy a Good Brand

Head Kandy is a popular hair care brand that offers a wide range of products for all types of hair. Their products are affordable and their quality is good, so they are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for new hair care products. Head Kandy’s shampoo and conditioner are both very gentle and leave your hair feeling soft and healthy.

I also really like their heat protectant spray, which is perfect for using before blow drying or straightening your hair. Overall, I would say that Head Kandy is a great brand and their products are definitely worth trying out!

Head Kandy Where to Buy

Head Kandy Where to Buy If you’re looking for a new hair straightener, you may have heard of Head Kandy. Head Kandy is a popular brand of straightener that promises to give you sleek, frizz-free hair.

But where can you buy Head Kandy? There are a few places you can buy Head Kandy products. The first place to check is the Head Kandy website itself.

Here, you’ll find a variety of different products, including the popular 2-in-1 Straightening Brush. This brush promises to give you salon-quality results in just minutes. You can also find Head Kandy products on

Here, you’ll find a wide selection of differentHead Kandy products, including the 2-in-1 Straightening Brush and the Clip-Free Curling Wand. Amazon often has great deals onHead Kandy products, so it’s worth checking here first before buying elsewhere. Finally, you can also find Head Kandy products at some brick-and-mortar stores like Ulta and Sephora.

However, availability will vary depending on your location. If you don’t see any Head Kandy products in store, be sure to ask a sales associate if they can special order them for you. So where should you buy your Head Kandy product?

That depends on your preferences and budget. If convenience is important to you, then buying from theHeadKady website or Amazon might be your best bet since both offer quick shipping times.

Head Kandy Extensions

Head Kandy Extensions are the newest and hottest way to get longer, fuller hair instantly! They are made with 100% Remy human hair and can be styled just like your own natural hair. The best part about Head Kandy Extensions is that they are super easy to use and don’t require any special tools or products.

Simply clip them in and go! If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to achieve longer, fuller hair then Head Kandy Extensions are definitely for you! Made with high quality Remy human hair, they can be styled just like your own natural hair.

And because they’re so easy to use, all you need is a few minutes and some simple clips – no special tools or products required. So if you’re ready to transform your look in an instant, give Head Kandy Extensions a try!

Head Kandy Shampoo And Conditioner Reviews

Head Kandy Shampoo And Conditioner Reviews If you are looking for a new shampoo and conditioner to try, you may want to check out Head Kandy. This brand offers both shampoo and conditioner in one product.

I have personally tried Head Kandy and I love it! Here is what I think of this product. The first thing I noticed about Head Kandy is the smell.

It has a very pleasant, light scent that is not overpowering. The second thing I noticed is how thick the shampoo is. A little goes a long way with this product!

I only needed to use a small amount to get my hair clean and soft. I have been using Head Kandy for a few weeks now and my hair feels amazing! It is softer and shinier than it ever has before.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a new shampoo and conditioner to try!

Head Kandy Products

Head Kandy is a line of hair care products that promises to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. The company offers a variety of different products, all of which are designed to work together to give you the best possible experience. Head Kandy also has its own line of styling tools, which are all designed to work with the products in order to give you the best possible results.

Head Kandy Phone Number

If you’re looking for the Head Kandy phone number, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you all the information you need to get in touch with customer service. Head Kandy is a beauty company that offers a wide range of hair and makeup products.

They are known for their high-quality items and affordable prices. The company has an excellent reputation and is trusted by many women. The customer service team at Head Kandy is very friendly and helpful.

They are always willing to answer any questions you may have about their products or services. You can reach them by phone or email, and they will respond quickly to your inquiries. If you need to contact Head Kandy for any reason, whether it’s to place an order, ask a question, or return an item, their customer service team is always ready to help.

You can reach them at 1-800-444-4247 from Monday through Friday 9am-5pm EST.

Head Kandy Shampoo Reviews

Head Kandy Shampoo is a popular product that is known for its ability to cleanse the scalp and hair. It is also said to be able to control dandruff and promote healthy hair growth. There are many head kandy shampoo reviews available online, so we have compiled some of the best ones for you.

One reviewer said that this shampoo made her hair feel softer and look shinier. She also said that it helped with her dandruff problem. Another reviewer said that her scalp felt much cleaner after using this shampoo and she noticed a difference in the amount of hair shedding.

A third reviewer said that this shampoo lathers well and leaves the hair feeling clean and refreshed. Overall, reviewers seem to be very happy with Head Kandy Shampoo. If you are looking for a new shampoo to try, then this may be one worth considering!

Head Kandy Skincare

Head Kandy Skincare is an all-natural, vegan skincare line made with only the finest ingredients. Their products are designed to nourish and revitalize your skin, giving you a radiant complexion. Head Kandy’s products are free of harmful chemicals and fragrances, so you can feel confident that you’re using safe and healthy products on your skin.


If you’re looking for the best headkandy, look no further! We’ve got the scoop on the best products out there. From headbands to hair ties, we’ve got you covered.

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